Newsletter 4th of September 2014

Hello again all africa interested friends!

Ulf had a different kind of July-August-stay for about five weeks. The intention was to begin the introduction of a new classification system for the library. We have had a “home made” one based on the Brazilian school subjets. Moreover, it was technically limited to large amounts of new books.
After studies at the library in Naessjoe, we realized that the international DEWEY system probably would be able to fulfill our wishes. Several Swedish libraries and about 150 countries around the world utilize the system. Said and done with united efforts  Cecilia Gerhardsson and I prepared this in Sweden and even on the trip in February this year. I brought more than 100 so-called “knubbar” (to organize topics) in the trunk. Customs wondered really what they were for.

started with our 4000 books and re-organisedt these to the new classification system, picked up “knubbar” for suitable shelves and all the books got a new placing. Moreover, with the ambition that in coming autumn we will receive additional 3-4000 books from Brazil, shipped in the container that I write more about below.
The idea now is to create Exel files based on a classification with 100 categories (the introduction), with details of title, author, year of publication, edition, etc. Now comes the big
registration work as I started during this visit.


All in orders in the library with new “knubbar”

A committed volunteer is offered an important, but surely sometimes monotonous work! One idea is also that we should register ISBNs (and in the future maybe scan, but it requires equipment and books with barcodes) in a database that we sort in 100 categories. Internet link in Cacine jungle is not sufficient, but we must solve it remotely somehow. I managed to enroll about 3,000 volumes and still missing about 600 of the current batch. But we’re waiting another 3-4000 books from Brazil, who will enter the system and physically placed right in the shelves.

Yes, this was my job, I spent about four weeks in Cacine this time. But there were many opportunities to talk with Valberto about AAEGB and coming “Adopt a schoool”, “dormitory” to be built for students who live far away, the school’s students and teachers, and much more. And so we got the experience a playoff game in World Cup football that became Germany´s.


The jungle behind the school where the dormitory will be built

Rainy season and the heat and mosquitoes characterizes May to October, but especially in July and August. But it still feels fantastic despite more than 35 ° C in the shade during the afternoons (colder nights, 30).
I would like everyone who wants to experience the tropical jungle and the heat and rainy season could make it. 3000 mm for 5-6 months is the normal state but also a necessity to keep the Sahara at a distance and create conditions for rice harvest and much more.

We have long prepared for the start of the radio station in Cacine. The building is complete, the mast is erected, generator and solar panels are connected, various equipment is transported from Radio Jönköping. But there is some end gadgets that volunteer to be sent from Brazil. Some digital equipment and lightning conductors are still missing. This has delayed and delayed. But everything is done with volunteer and non-profit gifts. But now the latest news that the container sailed 31 July from Fortaleza through Europe to Bissau. It will take about 40 days, plus time in port, land transport and installation. We hope for the best. It can mean the inauguration and first broadcast in late October. Everything must work with the ships and reloading in Europe, the port of Bissau, customs and land transport about 260 kilometers on roads that are little this and that.
In this container there are also plenty of tools, school supplies, medical supplies and about 4000 books to our library. This is one reason for my “summer” in 2014 Cacine.

Some other highlights were the two additional classrooms will be ready to put into use the fall semester 2014. On our visit in January-February 2014, we could see the beginning of the classrooms and some companions did some work hours at the raised clay
walls. Adjacent to the classrooms is now also a drug store for the school and a storeroom for rice, beans and cooking oil.


Valberto in new drug supply

Valberto greet and thank for all the help and support of the business. It is encouraging for the future!

We can note that the parliamentary and presidential elections proceeded unusually quiet and access new government in June in 2014.
José Mário Vaz, PAIGC received 62% of votes. The UN has made visits to the country in June, with José Horta in the lead and who also visited Cacine and AAEGB. He spent the night at our great pleasure in the “Swedish House”. He was mightily impressed by the school’s work. José received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1996.

Any more news can be conveyed to our readers:
A new swedish association has been formed to support the work in Cacine, specifically for the school / education, student support, radio, health and care. This means that the scout troop in Bodafors will continue the work with the scouts in Bissau and the womens group in Kulla chapel will support the parish in Panti bu Jubi. Thus we create a broader range of people who work in different ways for Cacine. There are people who for shorter or longer done volunteer in Cacine or otherwise supported the activities that have formed the association. The organization is officially registered with the corporate (802488-5744). To become a member, which is free, go to our website
Where you report you’re interest as a member, you’ll board, bylaws, and you can also read about the projects in Cacine mm. We are also on Facebook.
Especially bank for the Swedish Cacine association is 493-9385, if you wish to support with student fee support to the radio station, school, or other purpose. Good examples are a gift to the association instead of birth gifts to people who almost have most of necessity or other purposes.

As for my trip home from Cacine Bissau became almost as usual, an adventure. Four weeks in Cacine with Valbertos old Toyota jeep during the rainy season finally became too much for this old workhorse, 20 years old. Two brake failures, sticking in the mud to Cacoca, cement and gravel transport, etc. did that the car did not want more. It meant a hasty departure from Cacine on my part with jungle taxi (Candonga) to Bissau to be there for a few days before the flight home to Sweden via Morocco. The situation with the car right now, I don´t know, more than that it is very worrying. Sometimes it’s more than scrap car.


Sorribas father arranged so that many came to the rescue when the car crashed

On the way to Bissau women sold mangoes. During the rainy season, it´s hard to find food, so sometimes it was short of food.

At home Gun was waiting. She had chosen to stay in Sweden because the students at the school had summer vacation. She took the opportunity to work as a maid at an old fashioned summer farm outside Leksand.

Ebola: Yet we are not aware of any cases in Guinea-Bissau, but the concern is great because the surrounding countries are affected. We await the next flight until we know more about the situation.

With best wishes

Tel: : +46 (0)381-81097 073-9287570 (Gun) Website:

Adress to
Valberto Oliveira
C.P 295
Guinea-Bissau (West Africa via Portugal)

The Cacine associations webpage:

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