Who We Are


We are an association of volunteers working through social and philanthropic means to promote the development of education in the south of Guinea Bissau. Our office is located in the village of Cacine, TombalĂ­ Region, Republic of Guinea Bissau.

The Association has as its objective to work cooperatively with individuals, communities, institutions and/or other associatons in creating awareness and promoting education, especially for girls.

Our values

The AAEGB is governed by the values of neighbourly love, mutual respect, honesty, solidarity, equality and social justice. We seek to follow a culture of peace.

Areas of Service

The Association works in the following areas of the cooperative sector

  • Operation of a school
  • Operation of a community library
  • Teacher training
  • Support of community schools with teaching and student resources
  • Support of adult literacy groups
  • Training of health workers, especially in the area of public education
  • Encouraging preventative health measures to prevent Ebola, AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis
  • Supply of basic drugs for coastal communities
  • Promotion of oral health
  • Operation of a community radio station
  • Supporting communities to create small businesses
  • Promoting ways to improve the environment