Become a Volunteer


For the Association, Friends of Education in Guinea Bissau,- AAEGB- the volunteer is a youth or adult, who, for personal interests and in the spirit of solidarity, dedicates some of their time – months or longer in their home country or in the Republic of Guinea Bissau (RGB), without pay, to participate in projects serving the association in the areas of health, education, social work, communication, community development in RGB or promoting projects and raising funds for the projects of the association in their home countries.

AAEGB receives volunteer specialists who are experts or professionals to work in specific areas in our projects in RGB. Volunteers can be nationals or foreigners.

Anyone can volunteer, providing he/she offers his/her work without expectation of pay and bears the costs of travel, food and medical insurance during the period of service and who is willing to work alongside others in existing projects.

We need volunteers in the following area:
-IT Teacher – Twice a year
-Library – one school year
-English Teacher – one school year or during holidays (July)

Volunteer Requirements:
- to be recommended by a member of AAEGB
- minimum 20 years of age
- Education/Professional Training: minimum level – high school
- Guaranteed financial support; monthly costs a minimum of $600 US
- Available to serve in one of the AAEGB projects for a period of up to two years
- Flexible and able to work on an international team
- Good physical and pyschological health

Become a volunteer with AAEGB!

Please contact the Director of AAEGB